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My Story, Your Venue, For Change

(Speaking Engagements)

Inspiration, Motivation, Activation for group events

In my own journey from “I could never do that” to flying a medevac helicopter in Alaska I’ve learned how to handle both the internal challenges and external challenges that we all face when we take on big projects. As a speaker I combine the power of my personal stories with concrete action planning tips and tools. Your group will be inspired to take action and start making the Somedays happen Today.

I love speaking about:

  • The Importance of No More Somedays

  • You’re Our Pilot? Succeeding as a woman in a male-dominated industry. (I offer insight around effective communication, dos/don’ts, the importance of self care & managing men in groups).

  • Navigating Change: What flying the sick and dying can teach us about living.

  • Crafting Your Vision: Your Night Vision Goggles. (I discovered that flying with Night Vision Goggles offered a great life analogy to explain frame of reference, focus, limitations, and points of view).

  • What’s the Risk? The Importance of Risk to foster Innovation and Change. (Developing a personal/organizational risk assessment matrix, expanding one’s comfort zone, and finding ways to mitigate risk)

  • The Power of the a Supportive Community: Creating Your Big Life Support Team. (Why we all need a supportive team, how to find them, when a friendship turns toxic, identifying areas where you want to change.)

Talks can be tailored to suit your group and training goals. Please contact me to discuss the specific needs of your organization, and for pricing.