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It’s Time to Achieve Your Big Dreams.

The Big Life Accountability Support Team (BLAST)  is a 12 week program for people ready to move from “someday” to today. BLAST will get you started, keep you focused, and help you work through the steps to create a life that matters.


This program is right for you if you...

  • Feel you’re capable of ‘more’
  • Know what you should be doing but can’t get started
  • Have really great ideas and good intentions but are baffled by your own inertia
  • Want to focus on what really matters
  • Are ready to start your side-gig
  • Have undergone a major life transition and aren’t sure what’s next

BLAST will connect you to like-minded people – ready to act but unsure how to start – led by Lorena Knapp, an experienced, effective facilitator  to work through a proven process of goal setting, project planning and accountable actions so that you can finally turn Someday into Today.

The Power of an Accountability Group

Goals written are goals achieved. Sure, it sounds simple, but it’s been proven that writing down your goals causes two things to occur: you clarify them and you commit to them. And we’re not talking about pressure tactics that drive you to do more. This is a group that supports you to do more of what matters to you.

An Accountability Group connects you with people who care and share your need for motivation, and provides a small, confident community to help you obliterate your obstacles. An Accountability Group is much more than a loose group of supportive best friends. It’s an effective, working group directed, coached and mentored by an experienced, passionate facilitator.

BLAST will help you to:

  • Clarify your goals and the steps to get you there
  • Provide new information and techniques to boost your effectiveness
  • Connect you with a dedicated team of committed individuals who won’t let you fail
  • Give you dedicated time to plan and succeed

Encouragement, support, and a commitment to take action. Incredibly simple and yet it feels magical. This is the power of an Accountability Group.

Annie Paya, CFI Rotorcraft Helicopter

AnnieI feel way less stressed and have way less anxiety because I no longer am procrastinating like I used too…I also feel proud of accomplishing my goals ahead of time and that makes me more motivated to move forward into other things.

What does BLAST look like?

The Big Life Accountability Support Team (BLAST) is a 12 week program that teaches you specific tactics and strategies for making your somedays into todays. Each week you’ll take action to dismantle the things outside of yourself that are holding you back (external resistance) and do the internal work to soothe your inner critic (internal resistance).

What’s Included:

  • 30 minute Pre Launch One-on-One Coaching Call and a designing your trajectory questionnaire.
  • 10 modules that will have you create the systems, habits, and structures to take action and implement change. Guided exploration of your inner messaging so you overcome self-sabotage and limiting beliefs.
  • Downloadable worksheets to help you find your focus, have more time, and craft the ideal life you know you’re meant to live.
  • Private Google Community for course participants that provides focus and accountability.
  • 10 one hour Google Hangouts (videoconferencing). The hangouts provide group momentum and discussion so you can integrate the material into your life. The hangouts are the “secret sauce” to BLAST and are rocket fuel for achieving your dreams.
  • 30 minute Moving Forward One-on-One Coaching Call to ensure your ongoing success at the completion of the program.


Registration is currently closed. The next BLAST group will open in the Fall of 2015. Subscribers are the first to know about the next BLAST group.