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I help people get from “Someday” to Today.

I’m Lorena Knapp. I’m an Accountability Coach specializing in helping people identify their next steps and creating a plan of action to move forward. What would you be doing if you weren’t waiting for someday? An Accountability Coach (like me!) will help you identify what’s holding you back and create a plan of action to help you move forward.  Learn how my story can help you create your powerful next steps.

My proven process will motivate you to start, hold you accountable and get you into action mode, so you can stop dreaming and start doing. Taking the first step can be scary but living a big life is a BLAST. That’s why I’ve created the Big Life Accountability Support Team (BLAST), an online group program for dreamers who want to become doers. Check out how the Big Life Accountability Support Team can help you.